Guess WHo i met :]


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..i mean destiny

Crispin glover! I met him at the Playboy Mansion, and i about shit myself when i saw him! he was unbelievably sweet and genuine and got a kick out of me telling him how much my brother and i growing up LOVED George McFly. He couldnt have been more of a gentleman and i couldnt have been happier :]



FaceBook Disabled me

with no reason, or explination

no response to my emails

debating on making a new one...i dont want to make a whole new one just to have it disabled again, ill give it another week, then ill decide

pretty pissed off
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i just had to explain to my mom who Steve-o was

not just the guy on "dancing with the stars" who cant dance..

and why im watching him staple shit to himself and loving him epic-ly

wtf is up with people and twitter?!

im going to piss a lot of you off but i just dont understand it??

what makes you think people give a rats ass what youre doing/not doing every second of the day? i mean, am I the only one that just doesnt give a flying rats ass??

seriously? if im assuming correctly, youre supposed to jot down everytime you take a crap and wipe your ass???

im just beyond boggled that people ACTUALLY do this and are so into it?
are people seriously that Pretentious?


i think people should communicate to each other, and not always use stupid websites to do reminds me of the movie "idiocracy" LOL seriously! i had NO idea wanting the world to know your every move/what others say to you is soo important..? when did the world get so full of themselves?! ASHTON KUTCHER USING FUCKING BILBOARDS ON THE FREEWAY TO ADVERTISE HIS MOTHER FUCKING TWITTER?!!!! REALLy?!! am i the only one who finds that to be just a tad obnoxious? douchey?!

i am all for updating a journal, blog whatever it may be..but every five minutes? do people sit there and check what youre doing over and over?
sorry guys i just dont understand?

maybe i have so much animosity to it because its being shoved down my throat so much, with the retard celebs and people too busy typing away on their phones instead of looking at me and talking to me like a person..OH SORRY TO INTERRUPT!! ..i refuse to join that band wagon..whatever though



wait no im not
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everyone should have the chance to experience it

what it really feels and means to be in love, with someone so selfless and big hearted...someome who can make it all better just by kissing your forehead, and looking ino your eyes with all the adoration in the world

a couple weeks ago, he took me the scenic route to the santa monica peir, because i had never seen it. we spent a really sweet night walking the boardwalk and enjoying the crisp winter night. my heart cannot put into words how special he makes me feel...all the time.

this weekend we spent a hilarious funny amazing time in vegas. from start to finish it was just one crazy adventure after the next. drinking yard margaritas in the tub filled with bubbles, strip clubs, beatles show, making fun of how crappy and repative pop music has become and missing the way it used to be..trying to go see donny and marie..up until getting home when i realized the baggage man left my fucking MAC makeup case...i was fucking flipping out, ALL my make up, ALLLLL of it, mac and all, my JEWLERY that my mom and of course David got me were all in the fucking case. not only that, but if a chick was to see a mac case just sitting there with no one around, consider that shit STOLEN. i couldnt believe that, how i just let him take care of that case KNOWING it wouldnt be a good idea. i was loosing my shit, thats a lot of money and make up just GONE. G-O-N-E! of course david blamed homself and i told him it wasnt, so we call the hotel and told them to call us if they found it. i was beyond jelwery that i cant get back, just fucking gone. i came in my room to unpack and david leaves and comes back to my house about 15 minutes later with MONEY! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! he was planning on buying me my make up back. of course i could/would never accecpt that, but the mere thought of him trying to help me blew me away. it just made me cry more at his generosity. i could never take his money but shit...who does that? for ME? he called the hotel back and they said that it was left on the luggage cart, and that they had it there. THANK FUCKING GOD!!!! hopefully they mail it back to me with EVERYTHING in that damn case..

seriously, im a lucky so so many ways
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i really really need to learn how to pick my battles, the thing about me that i love and hate is how im so stupidly stubborn, it really bothers me sometimes, esp when i let it take over me

i need to learn how to stop letting little things turn into BIG things...and ruining everything....until, that is, i let my wall back down and make things better...

if only it was that easy
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new true life is on, and its like crack to me so i have to watch this...and not go to bed like i SHOULD be doing

i need to stop blowing my money on ebay(make up)when i should be saving for school

ah im being distracted, must get back to my crack now...
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why did i just do that

i just read the last email monira sent me, that i had saved
im crying my eyes out, im so upset that i cant physically hear her voice her laugh
yet i can still hear it in my head as im reading the last things she ever said to me, just days before she was killed
there are seriously no words to describe how much i really do miss her, and wish she was here to grow up with
not a day goes by when i dont think about her, and it doesnt get any easier to live with the reality of never seeing her again
i never understood what it would be like to loose someone you loved so much, because i took our time together for granted
i know that saying is true,so fucking true that you really dont know what you have until its gone

i miss you too monira
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welllllll THAT year of SHIT is gone and done, thank fucken god!
spent new years doing exactly what i wanted to do, NOTHING. we went to dinner at cheesecake, brout home a couple of delicious cakes and snuggled in bed watching Kathy GRiffen throw things at the JOnas Brothers on TV, (and that FOXxxxy Anderson Cooper, YUMMMMO!) ha, no seriously

we spent new years day sleeping in relaxing and saw the MOST BORING MOVER EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVER! BEnjamin Button ='s BENJAMIN BORING!!! 3 hours of NOTHING!! NOthing ever progressed! it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawful! i tried to like it, i really did, but iwanted to kill myself, we both were going to die of boredom it was just i said i really tried to like it....but it just flatlined an hour into it, and im SOOO tired of idiot people who will tell me shitty ass movies are good, when they are NOT, just because you have no mind of your own dont go telling me you liked a movie just because its the "cool" topic or whateverr....seriously, YES MAN?!!! WTF?!!! what a load of fucking TERRRRIBLE!!! AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously was standing up for JIm for the longest time, but that god awful piece of shit, sorry jimm, i cant defend you anymore.

well, im off to spa and eat dinner prepared by my sweet david :]

rbf tommorow, backstage passes ='s free booze and foooood!!!!!
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so last friday, after a long fun day at universal, we decided to go hang out downtown in hollywood,in which we mossied down to JImmy Kimmel for the hell of it, of course David was able to shinnanigan our way backstage with ease. we hung out in the kick ass green room, ate catered food, watched the plasma tvs, drank free booze, rubbed elbows with william shatner, and walked to the side of the stage to watch Ludacris..LOL....we were litterally ON The stage side, laughing like morons. MOOOOVE BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY! thats all we knew,AHAAH!!
anywhoo, i sat on the head rest of kimmels side stage lounge chair while he was sitting in after MOOOVE BITCH was over, david called to jimmy) who greeted us with a smile, and david told him i was some broad from the Howard Stern show (who kimmel was a fan of) to which he lit up and said, "HOLY SHIT!!! wow!" david milked it, i played along...kimmel was SO FUCKING NICE, SO NICE! to which he was nice enough to do this

so after that, we went to the roosevelt hotel got drunk, david got WASTED which lead to
dancing naked with the homeless dollhouse man

before we went in for acdc the security guy looked at me and said what sounded like "watch out for her, shes in a gang!" i was like HUH?!! WTF are you talking about?! im not in a gang! to which he replied "NO! DANITY KANE!" me "HUH?!" him "AUBREY!" to which the rest of the security had to come stare at me and i felt like he was calling me trashy, to which they said "its a good thing" LOL! WTF?!!

and for good measure

they want them to appear under google image search for "Patriotism" if you can help i know they would be greatful :]
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